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Before you apply to rent one of our properties, please take a moment to review our Rental Guidelines. Knowing our rental requirements and process will make for a smooth transaction for all parties.

All of our properties are privately owned. All information gathered will be presented to the owner of the property. Applications are submitted to owners by a Patterson Schwartz Property Manager. The property owner makes the final decision.

Please read all inclusions and exclusions concerning the property. Any special requests should be made in writing, attached to the application and will be presented to the owner with the processed application.

Credit: We qualify our applicants based on good credit which is clear of open judgments and past due debt, positive landlord reference and rental history and solid job history with sufficient income to comfortably cover the rental plus utilities.

Incomplete applications will not be processed. Please ensure that all fields are completed prior to submitting.

Application Processing: Processing time for an application is typically 3-5 business days.

Application: Must be legible and signed. All parties requiring occupancy, including occupants that are over the age of 18 are required to fill out an application and pay an application fee, if necessary.

Application Fee: All applications require a $40.00 non-refundable application fee, per applicant. These can be paid online or by check, money order or credit card. Patterson Schwartz Property Management only accepts Visa or MasterCard.

Viewing the Property: All parties desiring occupancy MUST view the property prior to submitting an application. If it's not possible for all parties to view the property, an “Authorization to View“ form must be submitted by the parties not available. An “Authorization to View“ form may not be acceptable to some owners.

Pets: Regardless of pet status all applicants will be required to create a Petscreening® profile. There is no fee for applicants to complete a no pet affidavit or to verify their Assistance Animals. There is a per pet fee assessed by the Petscreening® service for applicants with pets. The property owner dictates the pet policy for the property. If the rental property description indicates no pets, then the owners will NOT consider pets. If the owner indicates that pets will be considered, it normally means one pet, although we will seek the permission of the owner (prior to processing the application) if you have more than one. The pet deposit is typically equal to one month’s rent and is required at time of move in. Pets will be subject to any community polices.

Income: All applicants must provide two (2) recent pay stubs, per employer. All applicants must have a verifiable source of monthly income equal to or greater than three (3) times the actual monthly rental amount. Income will be the total of all applicants. If applicant receives social security, disability, public assistance, pension, child support or retirement income, please attach proof of this income.

Residence History: The present and previous residence of each applicant will be verified and will require prompt payment histories, with no outstanding balances, lease defaults or evictions. We require a history for the past three (3) years. A previous address will be required if current is less than three (3) years.

Employment: If less than one year at current employment, we require information on your previous employer. If starting a new job, please provide an “offer letter” on company letterhead verifying job title, start date, salary and supervisor’s name and contact information for verification. Self-employed applicants must provide last two (2) year’s filed tax returns and supporting bank statements as proof of income.

Co-signors: Co-signors may be considered by the property owner, but must live and work in the same state as the property.

Occupancy: Two persons per bedroom, unless stated otherwise.

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Scheduling an appointment to view one of our properties:

Our properties are shown by appointment only with a licensed real estate agent. If you are not working with an agent, call our Scheduling Receptionist at 302-234-5240 and they will assign a Patterson Schwartz agent to assist you. Many properties will require at least 24 hours’ notice due to tenant occupancy.

We encourage you drive by the property prior to the appointment to ensure the location and community fits your needs.

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